Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY: Make Your Own Plus Size Dress Form!

*Tank from Lane Bryant *

Before we get started I have to give credit where it's due. This idea came from a post I ran across whilst browsing through Tumblr.... I was creeping on the lovely Luna Love and found this >> How to make your own dress form.

I had been previously searching through Amazon & Ebay for plus size mannequins or dress forms in my size but had no luck. I found a few that went up to a size 18 at the most and the few that were a bit bigger (3x) cost about $300+, so yeah. No sale.

Making your own custom dress form is much cheaper and useful. HELLO, This is made from your own bod & it costs less than fifty bucks! Whoop whoop!!!

You will need an extra hand or in my case two. My friends and I get way too silly when we hang out so it took a few extra hands to get this done but all in all in was great fun.

So make sure to check out the link for complete instructions. Now keep in mind that the linked instructions are for a smaller body type if you are larger you will, duh, need extra supplies.

It took 3 rolls of duct tape and 4 Poly-Fil 32 ounce bags to get the job done. (all from JoAnns)  I have to say that my dress form could use some extra filling. It's all filled out and standing up but I might buy another bag and mold the bust up a bit. Wouldn't hurt to get a 4th roll of duct tape either.

Another tip is to cut out two large square pieces of cardboard. I found it easier to stuff if I placed one of the two cardboard pieces on the inside against the back. You'll see what I mean once you get going. I also decided to duct tape most of my arms in order to have a bit of a sleeve in my form. To keep it from getting lumpy  during the stuffing process I cut out two circular pieces of carboard that fit the shape.

*as you will see in the video there was way too much sleeve so I ended up having to cut off quite a bit of it. I used that to trace the circles so they were the right fit.*


  1. I've recently gone looking for a plus size dress form as well, and have had no luck in my price range. Big surprise. I was looking forward to seeing how you created yours, but your video is set to private.

  2. I was keen to watch the video, but it was set to private!

  3. The method is basically wearing shorts and shirt you're willing to throw away with the bra you want your shape to fill, then have your friends cover you in the duct tape.

    Afterwards, cut it open, tape it shut, tape the neck shut, stuff it as much as possible, then tape up the bottom.

  4. Hi:) I'm looking for a plus size dress form and this idea is pure genius!! I'm going to try this!:)) thank you for posting!:))