Friday, April 18, 2014

ShesPrettyBig: Update 2014!!!

I started this blog/tumblr 2 years ago and pretty much abandoned it a few months later. Originally I created a tumblr account to bring traffic to my blog but was much more interested in Tumblr than my original blog. Since then my abandoned blog has received almost 40,000 views which is a big deal, to me. So I am revamping/ updating it.

Let's see what has happened since 2012... hmm?

Well first I learned to love my body :) 
Loving my body created a need to take care of myself better. I started eating healthier and becoming more active. Eating healthier helped me keep a few health issues at bay. I have a better immune system. I have gotten sick only twice in the last two years as oppose to coming down with a cold or flu every few months. My skin has also improved. But all the superficial benefits aside... I am mentally in a better place. 

I also officially came out of the closet. Yes, I am gay. After having a 5 year long distance relationship on the down low I found the courage to be my real true self. A year after coming out to my friends and family I was able to make the trip to Oahu, Hawaii and spend one amazing month with the love of my life.  We have plans to live together in Oregon very soon!

Lastly I have decided to pursue a career in the beauty industry. I haven't yet decided where to begin but I know that it will definitely involve some type of fashion/beauty element. I think it's healthier and more satisfying to pursue a career that you're passionate about versus something that would only bring you financial gain. For a long time I wanted to just make money and I would focus on careers that would get me to a better financial status. I never pursued any of those options and I believe a huge part of that  (besides being lazy, lol) was that my heart wasn't in it. 

That being said this blog will soon see more posts all fashion, beauty & health related <3


Monday, January 7, 2013

Beauty tips: Make up on the run

I've put together a few makeup musts & tricks for those of us who struggle to throw our faces on EVERY DAY.

A little 411: 1st, it's really ok to go without make-up for a day. Your skin will thank you. 2nd, It is NOT necessary to go all out each and every time you are applying make up. Sometimes I forget this & end up skipping the entire process because I want to go the whole nine yards; primer, concealer, foundation, contouring, eyeshadow, etc.

I've come up with three solid makeup routines that work with some of the most common scenarios in my life.

1. My everyday/casual face routine. 15 min

2. My special occasion make-up routine. 30 min - 1hr  (depends on the complexity of my eyeshadow)

3. On the run make-up routine. 5 min

Today I want to talk about the last one, my 5 min make-up routine. It'd be easier to do a video but I am super lazy and have a cold sore.

 My 5 minute make-up routine is basically...

1. Applying lotion to my face (dry skin) Could be a tinted moisturizer or BB cream (google it)
 I have dry skin so this helps me appear more dewy & fresh faced. If you have oily skin I'd suggest doing whatever helps keep it at bay, at least.

2. Mascara is a must (I curl my lashes before applying)
my favorite
Nothing says I'm tired like limp lifeless lashes... especially if you have light hair.

3. Eyeliner is a second must. Smudge it, wing it, apply a touch to the water line. Whatever you're preference just make sure to have some on.
 I feel like a touch of eyeliner keeps people from noticing your lack of make-up. Adds a little drama.

4. Smudging a little white liner around inner corner of my eyes. A white pencil will do, brow bone highlighter, white eyeshadow, etc.

Careful not to over do this or you'll look crazy. This step really wakes up your eyes. Makes you appear bright eyed & bushy tailed, your welcome!

Notice how most of my 5 minute routine is focused on the eyes.... That's because neglecting your eyes can scream 3 things to everyone you encounter on your too busy for make-up day. It says I'm tired, I'm in a hurry & I don't care. Which could very well be true but your face doesn't have to show it. You never know who you're going to run into.

So even if it means doing this while on the move... get er done!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY: Make Your Own Plus Size Dress Form!

*Tank from Lane Bryant *

Before we get started I have to give credit where it's due. This idea came from a post I ran across whilst browsing through Tumblr.... I was creeping on the lovely Luna Love and found this >> How to make your own dress form.

I had been previously searching through Amazon & Ebay for plus size mannequins or dress forms in my size but had no luck. I found a few that went up to a size 18 at the most and the few that were a bit bigger (3x) cost about $300+, so yeah. No sale.

Making your own custom dress form is much cheaper and useful. HELLO, This is made from your own bod & it costs less than fifty bucks! Whoop whoop!!!

You will need an extra hand or in my case two. My friends and I get way too silly when we hang out so it took a few extra hands to get this done but all in all in was great fun.

So make sure to check out the link for complete instructions. Now keep in mind that the linked instructions are for a smaller body type if you are larger you will, duh, need extra supplies.

It took 3 rolls of duct tape and 4 Poly-Fil 32 ounce bags to get the job done. (all from JoAnns)  I have to say that my dress form could use some extra filling. It's all filled out and standing up but I might buy another bag and mold the bust up a bit. Wouldn't hurt to get a 4th roll of duct tape either.

Another tip is to cut out two large square pieces of cardboard. I found it easier to stuff if I placed one of the two cardboard pieces on the inside against the back. You'll see what I mean once you get going. I also decided to duct tape most of my arms in order to have a bit of a sleeve in my form. To keep it from getting lumpy  during the stuffing process I cut out two circular pieces of carboard that fit the shape.

*as you will see in the video there was way too much sleeve so I ended up having to cut off quite a bit of it. I used that to trace the circles so they were the right fit.*

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Plus Size Shopping: Reviews & Recommendations

The following are some of my favorite Plus Size stores. As a "super sized" member of the plus sized world it is hard for me to find clothes even at plus sized stores. It's taken me years and probably thousands of dollars (I really really don't want to do the math >.<) to have a decent list of shoppes with a variety of styles. I want to give my review of these stores for one reason and one reason only, to help make shopping for us larger ladies a little easier. I have not been approached by any of these companies/brands and am not being paid for my opinion. Also these stores are listed in no particular order. 

Here we go....


Torrid.... Torrid, Torrid, Torrid. I have a love/hate relationship with Torrid. While I know that I can always come here and find something to wear I do hesitate to do just that because the quality doesn't always match the price tag.  I have to admit that the majority of my wardrobe is Torrid. This is because it is the closest plus size specific store that I can walk in and try something on before buying. That doesn't mean that I don't shop Torrid online as well because I do, often.

Lets get more specific.

Torrid is my go to place for shoes and boots. Shoes run anywhere from 20 to 40 bucks and worth every penny. They carry all styles from trendy to classic to quirky. The fit is ALWAYS perfect. Boots run from 60 to 80 (I think) and are divine. They have this elastic around the calve that expands for comfort and fit. I love it. Their boots are always trendy. Every fall they bring them back in both classic and current styles. I currently have one pair of wearable Torrid boots and that is because I have worn the rest to death! You gotta snatch those up quick especially if you're a big foot like me (size 11w)!!!

Torrid dresses are divine but pricey and are usually quite simple. Still every $70+ dress I've bought has been worth it. (that cream dress in my previous post was $24 on clearance!!!) 

Tops are hit and miss for me. While they always fit up top its around the waist that is usually a problem. It really depends on the style and material. Their blazers for some reason never seem to fit. I usually go for their tanks in a fun print but if not on sale they cost a pretty penny, $18 to be exact. Cardigans, shawls & shrugs are always great here.

Last but not least, the bottoms. I am a size 28/30 so jeans or pants are out of the question. I don't even try. Torrid generally runs up to a size 26. The last Jeans I bought from them were the Source Of Wisdom pull on jegging style in a size 5. I got 3 different styles. Still have them and hope to get back into them by Christmas :D Leggings are always a hit with me. They have a variety of styles from trendy to classic and always fit great. At 380+ lbs and a size 28/30 I can fit into their size 3 no problem and they run up to a 4!!! Makes me feel skinnayyyyy, lol.

P.S  They have have a variety of undergarments as well. Their panties while cute are a little on the pricey side and are mostly the hip hugging style. They run from $8 to $12 and up and are just cute little cotton panties for the most part. Meh. It's been a while actually years since I bought bra's from Torrid and have to say the price is decent for the quality but still I'd only buy it from Torrid if I was in a hurry and Lane Bryant wasn't nearby. Now if you're looking for something sexy and naughty then Torrid is the place to go. Super sexy stuff that isn't meant to be worn everyday so it's guaranteed to last. Definitely worth it.

If you wait for their clearance sales you can really get a lot of key pieces for a fab price.

4 out of 5 stars if they stepped up their quality I'd give it a 5/5.

 One stop plus is a mash up of popular Plus Size stores including some of the stores mentioned here. The key with OneStopPlus is to read, READ, read!!! From sizing to shipping to fabric quality read all those little details. If you then you can't mess up, like me. 

I would have 100% success with OneStopPlus if I read all the details.

If you want one place for a variety of brands and styles then this is the place for you. The best part is that since it is a mash up of all popular plus size stores, you can never have seen everything. Tis impossible. 

I mostly buy Pajamas, Bra's, Jeans & Tops from here. But really I just browse and browse endlessly adding hundreds of great finds to my cart, lol. Good fun.

4 out of 5 for having EVERYTHING in 1 place.

 So this is a fairly small and new store, I think. I did not have great luck with them but I do know many plus sized ladies who have. 

Domino Dollhouse makes clothing from great materials. Not the stretchy Lycra/poly/nylon blends like most plus size stores. And although this is fantastic it can make the fit a little bit of a challenge. Denim, chiffon and satin fabric has little to no stretch. So as where you might be able to get away with squeezing into a smaller size elsewhere you have best order your clothes in the exact size or even go up if possible.

I will def be giving Domino Dollhouse another chance once I get back to my true size 28. I will also be sure to try items that have a little stretch to them. 

For now I guess I remain neutral but I will be updating this particular review after my second purchase.

3 out of 5 stars for their uniquely fabulous collections.

 I ran across this site on Tumblr and was not happy with my experience with them. From inaccurate sizing to little communication from the store, everything here went wrong. 

I ordered a military style mini jacket/blazer and a tube top. Both did not fit. The jacket/blazer might fit eventually but the tube top couldn't fit even if I lost a 100lbs, lol. And its a suppose to be a size 4x, crazy right?!? I ended up giving the tube top to my mother who is 5' and a size 13/14. Go figure. 

Needless to say i'd never shop here again. Let me know if you've had a better experience.

I'll give it a .5 stars out of 5 for effort.

 I love Avenue. Some of my favorite pieces are from this store. I shop online for the most part although I have found some their stuff at random discount stores and also at I'm not sure if they have actual stores in my area or anywhere, hmm?


This is my go to place for jeans, especially skinny jeans. Their Hollywood Skinny Jeans are divine!!! And less than $40 bucks!!! *squeals*

Avenue is a little more on the conservative side but still have some great trendy items that are irreplaceable.You just have to look carefully.

I also shop for shape-wear at Avenue. My favorite body shaper or as I like to call it "fat sucker" is from Avenue and I really don't know what I would do without it.

The prices are great considering the quality is fantastic and the fit is divine. I could just go on and on about Avenue but I wont.

I am giving it a 4 out of 5 stars.

 I am a secret Lane Bryant fan. I think I've been in the closet about this store because it's where your fluffy aunt or grandma shop, right? Doesn't that immediately come to mind when you think of Lane Bryant? Visions of boxy clothing in 90's fashion style swim through my mind whenever I hear Lane Bryant, lol. That was up until about a 2 years ago when I actually walked into one of their stores and was pleasantly surprised. 

Lane Bryant has really stepped up their game!
Quality wise their stuff is superb and definitely size accurate. This is another store where I can always find stuff that fits and looks great. I never ever walk out of Lane Bryant empty handed. If anything I walk out with more than I need! 

My only complain would be with their shoes. Although they have very cute trendy shoes, they can be a little wider than necessary and at times way too basic. Again great quality stuff just not as hip as i'd like it to be. I hear their boots are great as well but have yet to try on a pair.

I mostly buy CaCique Bra's, tops and dresses from here. Their stuff is pricey but worth it. I literally save up to buy bra's from Lane Bryant because they last FOREVER and the fit is amazing. The styles are way too cute and their undies are both comfy and sexy.

I must say that what I buy more than anything at LaneBryant is sleepwear. Pajamas galore. I even wear some of their nighties as dresses. They are that cute!

Lane Bryant gets a 5 out of 5. Good stuff all day everyday. But I still hesitate to admit I shop there >.<

You can find jms aka Just My Size at Walmart. Every time I go grocery shopping I swing buy the plus size section and more often than not I find something cute and super freaking cheap. What's not to love, right? Cute and cheap!

Well its not all shits and giggles as Just My Size also carries some seriously atrocious get ups for the not so stylish. If you've ever seen plus size women wearing boxy low quality matchy matchy outfits this is where they got it from. Grrr. But still if you look carefully there is on occasion a decent top or dress or cardigan at a freaking steal.

The one thing I always, always, ALWAYS  get from jms is undies. 4 to 5 Cotton blend boy short style panties for $10?!? Don't mind if I do. 

Super comfy. Super cheap.

Walmart has decent shit! Who would've thought?

3 out of 5 because nobody is shaped like a box.
These people know their customer service. Never in my life has any clothing company gone out of their way to get my order on time.

Let me tell you a quick story....


This summer I threw my best friends 20th birthday paryt and as host I had to look fierce. I spent months planning this party and kinda forgot about my outfit.

I ended up having only a couple of weeks to get a outfit for myself and as any online shopper knows that's cutting it close, especially if you don't want to pay through the roof for expedited shipping. So there I was going through all my favorite stores and not finding something "different" from my usual black or maxi dress.

That's when I stumbled upon the perfect dress at OneStopPlus. It was a wrap dress in a gorgeous blue color (comes in variety of lengths and colors) I went with something on the short side, oh yes. & chose blue because well I didn't own a lot of vibrant clothing, ok. So yes I had the perfect outfit. The price was decent and shipping was free, voila. 

Only I forgot to freaking read!

I ordered several things all which arrived withing the week. All items that were meant to be worn with this perfect dress.

So I went back and read all the fine print and realized that this dress shipped directly from the manufacturer and not from OneStopPlus, grr. I contacted S.W.A.K and learned that not only did OneStopPlus not ship the item but apparently S.W.A.K hadn't even received my order yet. You can only imagine my devastation. I couldn't believe I was about to play hostess all busted up and whatnot.

But then something amazing happened. I was placed on hold while the customer service lady talked to another woman about my dilemma. They both spoke with urgency as they came up with a solution to my problem. They ended up basically overnight-ing me the dress at no extra cost to me. I felt important and it was honestly the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a long time, sad right?

True Story.


Needless to say the dress fit amazing.

I wore it so much at the begging of summer that I had to retire it, for now. It is too unique to wear that often and it wrinkles easily so I have it put away for now. However I know this dress could grow and shrink with me. It is that versatile.

I've bought a few other items from them and have yet to be disappointed.

5 out of 5 for being just AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

eBay Finds!!!

  These floral wedges are a more "summer" kind of shoe but for $5 bucks on eBay I just couldn't resist. I ended up going to war with another bidder and paid about $9, which is still a steal! Arn't they cute? I have a problem, yes, I know. ...Moving on!

Ok these creamy/pastel black bow flats were not a steal BUT.... but I had my eye on them since they were in stock at Torrid. Unfortunately by the time I discovered them I'd reached my monthly spending limit and was forced to put them on my wish list... one month later, they were gone! Sadness right?!? Well then you can only imagine my excitement when I randomly found these online for $15 :D Only I wasn't the only one. In fact I was 1 out of 5 other ppl interested. 3 days and $35 later these puppies were mine. (Don't judge) *sigh*

Gotta love eBay <3

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Before & After: Sheer Mesh & Lace Top

 I purchased this top some months ago from OneStopPlus. 

This top was actually my first choice for that black and white party I went to a few weeks ago. I ordered it without really paying attention and without looking at the Denim 24/7 size chart.

It wasn't until the day it arrived that I realized I'd made a mistake. Not only was it made out of cheap and well just plain ugly material but it was also two sizes too big. I ordered a 4x and for the most part a 4x fits me well enough but in this case my ta ta's are kinda swimming up top. Again my fault for not carefully inspecting the top before clicking away. 

Anywho this old lady top has been hanging in my make shift closet for a while now and today I decided to do play with it.

Since its completely made out of this horrible polyester fabric I decided to wash and dry it with the hottest setting. And.... it worked! Sorta. It shrunk about 1 size so its definitely closer to fitting, yay! 

The next step was to vamp this up a bit. Sooooo I cut the lining on the inside and... voila! Check it out!!!

I don't know if i'll be wearing this as is or wearing a nudie top underneath. Depends on where I am wearing it too and how brave I am feeling that day, lol. Either way this top is definitely wearable now :) I also plan on adding some lace to both sides so that it can be tied in the back thus creating a much more flattering silhouette.

In the process of getting a new sewing machine and a better webcam..... will def make an update of the final product.

Monday, July 30, 2012

An Intro

 *excuse the clutter*

I've decided to re-vamp my intro since the first version didn't really say much about me. Let's keep it real cliche, ok.

Hi, my name is Fena (not really but this is my chosen "stage" name) I am a 22 year old Texas born Oregon raised girl who has ALWAYS been plus sized, except for a couple years between 7 and 10 where I was kinda skinny. So yes I've been a Pretty Big girl for most of my life. At 386 lbs and a size 28 I am at my biggest and learning to embrace ALL of my fluffiness.

I pride myself in being a straight forward and honest person. Sometimes I come off as a blunt bitch and I promise I don't mean to be but after years of biting my tongue and keeping secrets I have finally found freedom in expressing myself and can get a little carried away. Still, I do not apologize for pointing out the obvious and telling it like it is.

I contradict myself constantly because I am forever changing my mind. I love learning, drawing, writing ... any way to creatively express myself.

Not incredibly social but always friendly :)

Fun Facts:

I hate popcorn & ice cream
I <3 wiener dogs
My name is Fena & I'm a shopaholic
Favorite color is  deep red/ burgandy
Leopard print is the SHIT
Feet are gross!!! keep your toes away from me, ok?!?
If you triple dog dare me, I WILL do it :)
You should try EVERYTHING at least once
Everything does NOT happen for a reason
Shit Happens
<3 Giraffes <3
Macadamia Nut Hershey Kisses
Smoke [no] / Drink [yes]
French Techno
My name is Fena and I have a cosmetic addiction
Ronald Weasley aka Rupert Grint is my husband
I dance ALL the time
Don't text me
I usually don't know where my cell is
self shot photo obsessed
I will perv you & your page
Luv a chubby dude
Member of the itty bitty titty committee, barely
NOT  a morning person

 Harry Potter 1-7, Enchanted, The Lovely Bones, The Song, Deenie, Forever, Wifey, Black Bird, Still Waters, Rainbow Fish, All Dr. Seuss Books
TrueBlood, Dexter, Awkward, The Walking Dead, Family Guy, South Park, Chelsea Lately

Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix, Beaches, Finding Nemo, Pride & Prejudice, Training Day, Dirty Dancing, Selena, Pulp Fiction, Flipped, Easy A